Hello guys.
Thanks for commenting on my previous post.Yeah i have proposed her & she accepted my proposal too.And now i am enjoying my life………
It’s time to write a new story……………
Actually it’s a true story.But it’s not mine.Actually it’s my friend’s story.So he was asking me for suggestion.So i just want to share his feelings with you guys.
His name
is Ashok & his friend Ranu.
Actually Ashok & Ranu were two close friends.They share all their feelings with each other.They both are of same class & same tution.As their home were near by so they usually go to school & tution together.
So they were so close that if Ashok likes someone then he asks help from Ranu.But their friends were so mean that they always think negative about them.Can’t even a boy & a girl be friends ?
If a boy & a girl of same class are talking or roaming with each other it doesn’t mean that they both love each other.They may be freinds.But our society is not accepting this.
But they don’t care about these all.Once a friend asked them that if you both are friends then why don’t you tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan.But seriously speaking i never thought about these all.She’s just a good friend of mine.That’s all.
Nothing other then that.I told about this to Ranu but she said,”If you have believe in our relationships then no need to worry about the society.”
I accepted her what she said.So i was not worried.
I still remember that 24th December.Actually Christmas was closer so it was a holiday.But our tution classes was there.At 10.00 A.M. our exam was there too.So i just woke up earlier and started preparing for my exam.
Then i just finished my daily works & had my breakfast then took out my cycle to go to tution.
She went earlier that day(she informed me before).So i didn’t wait for her & directly went to tution.Actually our tution was on first floor so we usually go there by climbing stairs.So i just kept my cycle & started climbing the stairs with checking the notes & discussing with my friends.
Suddenly i just saw someone walking down the stairs.My eyes stuck there.She was wearing a sky blue colour dress( i don’t know what to say that dress it was just like Anarkali type of dress ) & her open hair(she usually tie her hair so i always comment her as she’s looking like ADIVASI).She was just looking like an angel carrying a bag and saying me,”Hey, you stupid !!!!! Prepared for exam or not ? This time also zero ? “
Then i saw that she was Ranu.I was just simply staring at her.Oh god………..I was really speechless.Seriously i have no words to speak.
Ranu:-Hey u dumbo
Why are you staring at me as if  i am a ghost ?
Speak something. Are you dumb ?
Gone mad or what ?
Ashok:-No no
U u u u r r r r r ………….
h m m m m m ………….
Ranu:- I think you have really gone mad.
Go …………. you stupid.
All the best if you have prepared…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha (lol)
Then after she went to appear the exam.My friends pulled me & took me to the examination hall.I just forgot everything which i have prepared in the morning & when i was just trying to recall those the beautiful pic of the angel was just coming on my mind.So i just solved two or three problems & submitted my answer sheet & leaved to home.
She asked me to wait for her but i forgot .
I just went home , threw my bag & took my dairy & started writing about the scene.
At night abut 7.00 P.M. she just called me & started scolding me.
I have never felt uncomfortable while talking with her but that day i was feeling so shy that i can’t even explain you guys….
Ranu:-You stupid why didn’t you wait for me ?
Ashok:-Sorry i forgot.
Ranu:-Today morning what happened to you ?
You were behaving like a mad guy.
You were staring at me as if i am a ghost or something ?
Haven’t you seen me before ?
Ashok:-No nothing.
Ranu:-What nothing ?
Tell me what happened or else i won’t talk with you ?(This is a common dialouge of all girls.Sorry girls.)
Ashok:-No actually you were looking so beautiful that i became speechless at that time.
Ranu:-What’s the work just tell me ?
What i have to do ?
Maska mat laga……….
Ashok:-No i am telling truth seriously………
Ranu:-Is it a comment or complement ?
Ashok:- Complement.
No you are so beautiful………
Ranu:-I know that…..
Girls usually love to listen these type of complements.
ok leave it.How’s your exam ?
Ranu:-Fine ? You have submitted your answer sheet in just five minutes.
Ok let’s see.
Mine fine tooo….
Sheela’s here.She’s getting bore.So call you later.(Sheela’s our class mate)
Oh god i think i am in love with her hope so.I am so confused that i can’t even know that it’s just attraction or love.I just thought about this the whole night.I just told my friends about this.But you guys know very well that if you just tell your friends that ,that girl’s looking beautiful then they will make you feel as that you love her .
So guys please help me what to do now ? Because i don’t wanna loose her as she’s one of my best friend.She’s a part of my life.If i propose her and she rejects me that’s not a big deal but if she won’t talk with me then i’ll simply die.


One thought on “FRIEND OR LOVE ??????

  1. A frank and honest suggestion. Just don’t propose her..coz the way you are now , i mean thinking about her and all those…it’ll make you feel sad but trust me these are the best moments. And regarding philosophical view, you have to study now instead of thinking about a girl. If youpropose her and if she says yes , i ‘m damn sure that later on you will get bored with her and at last you will get separated.. and tell me something are you going 2 be wid her till lifetime from now onwards?(then i’ll tell u another suggestion). But still, In india , there are lots of people who are ready to give suggestions but few people who implements them..anyways choice is always urs buddy. It’s your life you have to manage it


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