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Help Me

Hey hi Happy friendship Day….

Here i just thought of a story which is indirectly related to me.So i want to share with you guys.
It’s story of CHINTU & PINKY.
Chintu was a nice guy.Actually he was too innocent & shy type of guy.He has a friend named Silu.Pinky was living infront of Silu’s
house.So they were both closed & Silu was my close friend.We all were of same class & same school too.So mobile was newly launched at that time.So my dad bought
a mobile.I was crazy for ringtones.So i said Silu to send me ringtones but he said that he don’t have & said to ask Pinky.But i just feel so nervous while talking
with girls that i can’t even explain you guys.Silu,me & Pinky were in same section but i have never talked with her.So Silu introduced me with her.She just gave
me her number.Actualy at that time we were just friends & i never saw her in a negative way(means as a girl friend).First of all she just send me ringtones & same
here too.Then we came closer but only as a friend.So,in this way three months passed.But one day one of my friend proposed her & she agreed the proposal too.At
first i felt so happy.But as time passed i felt that as she’s going away from me.I don’t know why I just felt so jealous that even when she come to talk with me
i didn’t repy her.Atlast i just felt so worried that i said these all to Silu.He said me that i am in love with pinky.I was so astonished that i thought,”Am i
really in love ?”.Then he promised me to help me.Actualy in our school,evening coaching classes were going on.So only less no. of students come to attend the class.
I was an average student.But still then i just go to the coaching classes to meet her.I have three close friends Tarun,Sunil,Silu.So,they wrote a letter & wrote
that Pinky & Vicky(name of the guy whom she loves) love each other & to take some necessary steps to avoid that type of situation & kept that letter inside
the draw of the table.So,one of our teacher saw that letter & informed their home about these all.I didn’t knew about these all.But when i heard at first i felt so
happy but when i saw her face,i felt so bad that at last i realised that what my friends did was totally a wrong thing.So,the relation between Vicky & her was totaly
broke up.I felt so bad that decided to tell her all the things what we did.So,straightly i went near her & told that my friends did everything but didn’t said
about the reason & kept secret silu’s name.She asked me why did they did so.I remained silent & came from there.She called me about six or seven times but i did
not respond her.I just ignored her about two or three days.But truth never hides.One day i was sitting in Silu’s home.Suddenly she just came Silu’s home.Now i
can’t escape she sat beside me & asked me the reason.So,i don’t have any other option.So bound to say her everything.So,i just said each & everything.She simply got up & went her to home.I tried
to convience her but she didn’t listen.Since that day i am apologising but she’s not forgiving me.



Hi guys.

I am Durga.I just want to share my story with you guys.
Actually my father is being transfered from one place to another due to his office work.So i have to change my school,freinds,place.It’s too difficult to adjust in the new place,new friends,new school.
So i was studying in class 8th.It was my first day in the school.I was very much nervous because i have to adjust with new friends,new teachers etc.
Our shool time was at 10.30.I reached there at the same time.Our class teacher introduced me and gave me a sit.I looked around just saw that my colleauges were starring me like i am a ghost or something like that.Suddenly my eyes stuck some where I saw a girl looking at me with her small little eyes.Oh guys i have still remembered that cute little face with a dimple in her cheeks.It was wonderful.

I don’t know why but after that i just want to see her usually.I don’t know it was attraction or love.Hope it was love at first sight.Then we made friendship with each other.But every time when i want to tell her something about any topic she always opposes me.As i was a good student of my class so she was actually jealous of me(She told me).I love her eyes.When someone scolds her she always look at down and blink her eyes.Oh god i really love that………..
I love her smile.Her red lips were awesome.As i was not mature at that time.And i was so stupid that i have never said her that i like her so much.But time never stops for anyone.So already one year was finished.
Suddenly one day my dad said that we have to change the place.I was so shocked.I was so sad.Before i had left the place i thought i would tell her atleast that i like her.
But thanks to my bravery n my courage n my luck i couldn’t say anything to her.But one thing she gave me a gift which is still with me now.
Life passed.I forgot her and she forgot me hope so.But she was in my sweet memories as she was my first love.
And you guys very well know that it’s difficult to forget your first love.So same happen in my case.
So after 7 years hope so i am doing B.Tech.While roaming in the streets of Berhampur i just saw a girl walking through next side of the road.As i was roaming with my friends and we were just teen agers.So someone suddenly said”Hey,see there’s an item with salwar”.So i saw at that girl.I was shocked that the same eyes and same dimples in her cheeks.I was fond of that yaar.So just kicked that friend who said her item.And ran away after her.I was little bit scared that if she can’t remind me there infront of all my friends i’ll be so embaraced that i can’t even show my face to anyone.So not at this time so i went near her and said”Hey Sweety.Hi.”She said”Hi Chintu”.Oh god i felt so happy that she had still remembered me.I said,”Do you still remembered me?”She said “Yeah,why not ?”
Then i asked her number and address.I just called my old friend and he knew her too as  we were of same school.Luckily he was also in Berhampur.I just said him all about my story.He said me not to worry and let’s go to her house.We both went to her house.She introduced with her family members.And we have a chat there.Then we returned from there.Then the very next day i just sent a message her.
Me:- Hey hi…
What’s you doing ?
She:-Hi.Good morning.
And you ?
Me:- Good morning.
Just messaging you.
Just enjoyng with my lonliness.
She:-I won’t let you alone.
why ?
Not talking with your girl friend ?
May i know your girl friend’s name ?
(But unfortunately i don’t have any girl friend.)
Me:-Her name is Sweety.(The girl whom i am sending the message.)
She:-Oh really…
If this is the name.Just change her soon.
She’s not a nice girl.
Reject her.
Me:-No she’s a nice girl.I love her since 8th class. She cooks well.She’s simple,calm and quiet.I luv her eyes and the way she smiles.
First time when i saw her i was flat there.When she laughs ,the dimple in her sweet little cheek.
Oh god i love that.
She:-If u were loving me since 8th class then why didn’t u tell me at that time ?
Me:-We were not mature at that time.So i had not proposed you at that time.
She:-Oh really.I had the same feelings at that time.
Me:-Oh really ?
Me:-U know me very well and i know you.So today i want to propose you.
She:-So what are you waiting for ?
c’mon start soon…
Me:-I love you
She:-All are telling me the same dialouges.
Hey please tell me something different so that i would accept your proposal.
Me:-A man can live without any part of the body but can’t live without heart.So you are heart of mine.And i can’t live without you.
She:-Good dialouges.
To how many girls you have said this dialouge ?
Me:-No am starting with you.
She:-Don’t lie me. ok.
You are so cute.
Do you know that ?
I think all the girls of your college must be liking you.
Me:-Thanks for your complement but i know am not so cute.
She:-You may be not cute for others but you are always handsome and cute for me.
Ok.Ok.I accept your proposal.I love you too…….
Me:-Thanq Thanq.
It was a wonderful day of my life.
I can’t forget this day ever.
Thanx for being part of my life.
Love you & miss you always.
She:-Same here too.
Love you.
AM waiting for your call.
Me:-Ok i’ll.
She:-Am waiting…..

So,this is my love story.Guys,one thing i want to say that i messaged her n propsed her.But still then i have no courage to tell”I LOVE YOU” while talking with her in mobile.
So please help me what to do ?
Thanks for your patience to read my story.