Help Me

Hey hi Happy friendship Day….

Here i just thought of a story which is indirectly related to me.So i want to share with you guys.
It’s story of CHINTU & PINKY.
Chintu was a nice guy.Actually he was too innocent & shy type of guy.He has a friend named Silu.Pinky was living infront of Silu’s
house.So they were both closed & Silu was my close friend.We all were of same class & same school too.So mobile was newly launched at that time.So my dad bought
a mobile.I was crazy for ringtones.So i said Silu to send me ringtones but he said that he don’t have & said to ask Pinky.But i just feel so nervous while talking
with girls that i can’t even explain you guys.Silu,me & Pinky were in same section but i have never talked with her.So Silu introduced me with her.She just gave
me her number.Actualy at that time we were just friends & i never saw her in a negative way(means as a girl friend).First of all she just send me ringtones & same
here too.Then we came closer but only as a friend.So,in this way three months passed.But one day one of my friend proposed her & she agreed the proposal too.At
first i felt so happy.But as time passed i felt that as she’s going away from me.I don’t know why I just felt so jealous that even when she come to talk with me
i didn’t repy her.Atlast i just felt so worried that i said these all to Silu.He said me that i am in love with pinky.I was so astonished that i thought,”Am i
really in love ?”.Then he promised me to help me.Actualy in our school,evening coaching classes were going on.So only less no. of students come to attend the class.
I was an average student.But still then i just go to the coaching classes to meet her.I have three close friends Tarun,Sunil,Silu.So,they wrote a letter & wrote
that Pinky & Vicky(name of the guy whom she loves) love each other & to take some necessary steps to avoid that type of situation & kept that letter inside
the draw of the table.So,one of our teacher saw that letter & informed their home about these all.I didn’t knew about these all.But when i heard at first i felt so
happy but when i saw her face,i felt so bad that at last i realised that what my friends did was totally a wrong thing.So,the relation between Vicky & her was totaly
broke up.I felt so bad that decided to tell her all the things what we did.So,straightly i went near her & told that my friends did everything but didn’t said
about the reason & kept secret silu’s name.She asked me why did they did so.I remained silent & came from there.She called me about six or seven times but i did
not respond her.I just ignored her about two or three days.But truth never hides.One day i was sitting in Silu’s home.Suddenly she just came Silu’s home.Now i
can’t escape she sat beside me & asked me the reason.So,i don’t have any other option.So bound to say her everything.So,i just said each & everything.She simply got up & went her to home.I tried
to convience her but she didn’t listen.Since that day i am apologising but she’s not forgiving me.



2 thoughts on “Help Me

  1. hey…..durga.u jst stop worrying.
    U call her n again u apologize 4 all these things….
    n say d things which z written below so dat her feelings for u may change somehow…….
    “how selfish i m”!!!!!! jise pane ki umeed me mein wo sab kiya…….usi ki khusi hi chinliya….i didn’t posses dat much of knowledge abt love n didn’t know d pain of love….really i felt jealous wen i saw u wid him…..n jst mistaken….but i was really unknown of d future,the thing will go like dis i couldn’t imagine at all…….due to lack of maturity n good frnds i had put u in a hell.From dat day i had only a few words for u .oh! how cruel i m !!!!!Den only i felt very sorry but couldn’t posses dat much of courage to face u as i do posses now…
    I never expected to hurt u n jst did dat for u only…….if possible den try to foget all d things n forgive me.I m very sry pinky…….


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