An Unknown Friend !!!!

Hello guys !
Here actualy i am gonna tell you a story which is a sweet memory of my life.
Here there are two characters chatting in the mobile.
X:-Hey i am extremely sorry!
(1000 times)
Please forgive me yaar !
Are hua ya aur likhun ??
Y:-Hey may i know who’s that ?
And sorry for what ?
X:-Please forgive me yaar.Don’t say like that.
Y:-Please may i know who’s that ?
X:-I am chintu yaar.Nai pehchani kya ?
Y:-Oh ! Sorry yaar bhul gayi thi.Tumhara no. us sim mein save kiya hua tha & i have changed my no. !
So pehchan nai payi !
X:-Ok yaar !
Maaf kiya ya nahi ?
Y:-Hmm !
X:-So how’s life going on ?
How’s Jhosna ??
X:-Which Jhosna ??
She’s from Cuttack or Jeypore ??
Y:-Are cutack wali !!
You don’t remember your gf ??
X:-Yup !She’s fine & she’s a good friend of mine thats all.
Y:-Ok !
How’s Manisha ???
X:-Which Manisha ?
Y:-Are milke humne ice cream khaya tha yaad nahi hai kya ?
X:-Sorry i don’t remember!
Ok leave that !
Y:-Ok !
X:-Hey i just heard that you have got 1st prize in the modelling comp. in your college ??
Woooowwww !
So when’s my treat ??
Y:-It’s fine for the treat but maine kab jita ??
Maine jita aur mujhe hi pata nahi ??
X:-Means ???
Y:-Hey wait a bit are you chintu from Carrier point,BBSR ???
X:-I am from Bhubaneswar but not from Carrier point.
Are you Anuradha from IACR,Rayagada ?
Y:-Nope !
(I just thought are yaar ye kiske saath chat kar raha hun faltoo faltoo mein sorry bol diya & jisko bolna tha woh to wahan muh fulake bethi hogi !
No god ! Not again !I guess you might be aware of that ki ladkiyon ko samjhana means kya bolun chodo !!!!!
If i would be in TEES MAAR KHAN i would definitely say that “ladkiyon ki baat sun na aur ladkiyon ko samjhana dono hi bekar hai !!!!:-)”)
X:-Oops sorry !
My mistake !
Any ways hi i am Chintu.
I love to make new friends.
Because friends are made not from born !
So can we be friends ??
(I just waited for a while but she didn’t message me.)
X:-It’s ok !
Nice to meet you & nice to chat with you !
Bye.Enjoy & have fun !
Y:-No not like that!Actualy it’s difficult to give your identification to a stranger!
I am Kunmun persuing B.TECH in GIET,Gunupur.
X:-Which year & which branch ?
Y:-EE & 2nd year.
What do you do ?
(Oh god i was completely mad what to do know ? She’s my branch junior & we were from the same college too.If i’ll tell her that we are of same college then she’ll
definitely think that i am interested in her so i am doing these kind of stuffs with her.But this was not real.So i lied her)
X:-I am an engg student too.I am from CIT,BBSR.
EE but 3rd year !!
Y:-Oh sorry sir !
X:-Hey don’t call me sir !
Y:-Ok sir !
Y:-Oops sorry sir !
X:-Are mera majak uda rahi ho ??
After some days she asked me to be her best friend.Best friends means i have to be loyal with her.So i just told all the truth to her.
(It’s obvious that ladkyian aur nakhre na dikhayein ye na kabhi hua hai aur na hi kabhi hoga ?)
So after a lots of wh questions & a great conversation she agreed to be my friend again.So now she’s good friend of mine.
Don’t know how long will she be with me ? But i want her to be with me forever.It was one of my sweet memory so just wanna share with you guys.
Further something bad happened that i’ll tell you in my next post.
Thank you for your patience to read my blog!!:-)


9 thoughts on “An Unknown Friend !!!!

  1. abe idiot se girl ra original name publish karunu be..
    to te and to ra chatting love story ku PRANAM ….

    mote gote b msg pathana girls saha only chat kare..
    hooooouu be idiot..

    njoy and hav fun..


  2. its awsome dude. itz really awsome. aap kese aise apne flngs ko words me express karke likh pate ho. kyun k sochte to sab koi hai par express koi nahin kar pata. may god bless u dude.


  3. nice blog,
    wo ladiki kitni khus nasib hai ki tum uske best frd ho,a msg for dat girl just keep ur frdship wid him,if u r intersted den u can do frdship wid me also.mate na kahiki blog lekhichu tha tote kichi comment debini.ummhhhhhhhhhhhh……….


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