Aur yaad karegi tu mere baare mein..

Dil ne badi siddat se tujhe mana tha..
Duniya ki baaton ko naa kabhi saraya tha..

Jab duniya muh modi thi tujhse..
Thama tha maine tera haath..
Wada kiya tha tujhse..
Naa kabhi chodunga mein tera saath..

Dekh kar sach v..
Aankhein chupa liye the hum..
Jankar sab kuch v..
Anjan ban gaye the hum..

Waqt guzar gaya..
Zamana badal gaya..
Par na badle hum..

Chodd k chali gayi jab humein..
Ek pal v naa socha humare baare mein..

Dard toh dil mein ho raha tha..
Par aansu nigahon se nikal rae thi..

Mana hai maine khuda ko dil se..
Rehem karengey woh mujh pe..

Kabhi toh tu v fir se akeli hogi..
Aankhein teri v nam hogi..
Aur yaad karegi tu mere baare mein..


A Nightmare That I Never Want To Imagine!!!

I am at some place. I don’t know exactly where. It’s a strange place. It is all bright around me. A pin-drop silence persists; like the silence of the dawn before the sunrise; like the silence in the funeral of someone so it made too afraid. I was sure that something surely wrong is going to happen.  I feel very light as I walk on the path in front of me. I don’t know why I am here or where I need to go. Yet I am walking.

Though I have never been here before, I can feel a strong connection with this place…That scent! I know that scent! All of a sudden I saw someone in front of me. A girl! She is facing away from me. As I walk towards her the intensity of her perfume increases. Her hair was not tied. It felt like I know her.

I am a few steps away from her now. I was too curious to know who is that girl & what is she doing in this strange place & she is the only one who is going to explain me what is going on… I hear someone’s heartbeat. I am standing behind her and about to see her but before I can see her, she utters, ‘Chintu!’

And then she turns around to face me and leaves me in a shock. It’s her. It’s Mahi. I was totally astonished.

A cool breeze blows and everything around me glitters. I see her and she looks at me. All of sudden I don’t sense the ground beneath me. I am floating in the air. I am glued to her and not a single muscle in me moves. She keeps staring at me for long and we talk through our eyes. She speaks. I listen. She then rubs her hand on my cheek and says, ‘You always make me cry. .You’ll not understand me. .Never…U avoided me…abtak…U think I am happy without u…? If u think so then that’s all what u know about me…C…H…I…N…T…U… I can’t live without you but you don’t want me to stay in your life so bye…Be happy forever…’

And then tear came rolling down her eyes. I tried to wipe those tears.

But I still can’t move but a tear from the corner of my right eye rolls down, on to her hand & she kept that in a box. (I used to say her that i need her tear in a box so that i can keep that with me.) I want to speak but can’t. The light around both of us brightens up every second. It blurs my eyes. And all of sudden the intensity of the brightness blinds me in a flash. She is going away from me & it feels like as if someone’s hitting in your heart. I want to bring her back but I can’t even move nor speak. I am totally helpless. Instead of crying loud i can’t do anything.

Then I realized my mistake. She totally vanished from my eye sight. I can’t see her. Someone took my heart away from me. I can’t do anything instead of lying & crying there.

Then all sudden I woke up…Looked here & there…Oh it’s just a dream but not less than a nightmare…

I don’t want to see this nightmare in my real life so please I am sorry….


Corruption All say that corruption is curse for the society but they happily accept it or take the bribe. For a rich person it may not be a big deal but for an ordinary person, those who are pressurized or pressed by the society, who has to work daily to feed their children, effects more […]

An Unknown Friend !!!!

Hello guys !
Here actualy i am gonna tell you a story which is a sweet memory of my life.
Here there are two characters chatting in the mobile.
X:-Hey i am extremely sorry!
(1000 times)
Please forgive me yaar !
Are hua ya aur likhun ??
Y:-Hey may i know who’s that ?
And sorry for what ?
X:-Please forgive me yaar.Don’t say like that.
Y:-Please may i know who’s that ?
X:-I am chintu yaar.Nai pehchani kya ?
Y:-Oh ! Sorry yaar bhul gayi thi.Tumhara no. us sim mein save kiya hua tha & i have changed my no. !
So pehchan nai payi !
X:-Ok yaar !
Maaf kiya ya nahi ?
Y:-Hmm !
X:-So how’s life going on ?
How’s Jhosna ??
X:-Which Jhosna ??
She’s from Cuttack or Jeypore ??
Y:-Are cutack wali !!
You don’t remember your gf ??
X:-Yup !She’s fine & she’s a good friend of mine thats all.
Y:-Ok !
How’s Manisha ???
X:-Which Manisha ?
Y:-Are milke humne ice cream khaya tha yaad nahi hai kya ?
X:-Sorry i don’t remember!
Ok leave that !
Y:-Ok !
X:-Hey i just heard that you have got 1st prize in the modelling comp. in your college ??
Woooowwww !
So when’s my treat ??
Y:-It’s fine for the treat but maine kab jita ??
Maine jita aur mujhe hi pata nahi ??
X:-Means ???
Y:-Hey wait a bit are you chintu from Carrier point,BBSR ???
X:-I am from Bhubaneswar but not from Carrier point.
Are you Anuradha from IACR,Rayagada ?
Y:-Nope !
(I just thought are yaar ye kiske saath chat kar raha hun faltoo faltoo mein sorry bol diya & jisko bolna tha woh to wahan muh fulake bethi hogi !
No god ! Not again !I guess you might be aware of that ki ladkiyon ko samjhana means kya bolun chodo !!!!!
If i would be in TEES MAAR KHAN i would definitely say that “ladkiyon ki baat sun na aur ladkiyon ko samjhana dono hi bekar hai !!!!:-)”)
X:-Oops sorry !
My mistake !
Any ways hi i am Chintu.
I love to make new friends.
Because friends are made not from born !
So can we be friends ??
(I just waited for a while but she didn’t message me.)
X:-It’s ok !
Nice to meet you & nice to chat with you !
Bye.Enjoy & have fun !
Y:-No not like that!Actualy it’s difficult to give your identification to a stranger!
I am Kunmun persuing B.TECH in GIET,Gunupur.
X:-Which year & which branch ?
Y:-EE & 2nd year.
What do you do ?
(Oh god i was completely mad what to do know ? She’s my branch junior & we were from the same college too.If i’ll tell her that we are of same college then she’ll
definitely think that i am interested in her so i am doing these kind of stuffs with her.But this was not real.So i lied her)
X:-I am an engg student too.I am from CIT,BBSR.
EE but 3rd year !!
Y:-Oh sorry sir !
X:-Hey don’t call me sir !
Y:-Ok sir !
Y:-Oops sorry sir !
X:-Are mera majak uda rahi ho ??
After some days she asked me to be her best friend.Best friends means i have to be loyal with her.So i just told all the truth to her.
(It’s obvious that ladkyian aur nakhre na dikhayein ye na kabhi hua hai aur na hi kabhi hoga ?)
So after a lots of wh questions & a great conversation she agreed to be my friend again.So now she’s good friend of mine.
Don’t know how long will she be with me ? But i want her to be with me forever.It was one of my sweet memory so just wanna share with you guys.
Further something bad happened that i’ll tell you in my next post.
Thank you for your patience to read my blog!!:-)


Hello guys.
Thanks for commenting on my previous post.Yeah i have proposed her & she accepted my proposal too.And now i am enjoying my life………
It’s time to write a new story……………
Actually it’s a true story.But it’s not mine.Actually it’s my friend’s story.So he was asking me for suggestion.So i just want to share his feelings with you guys.
His name
is Ashok & his friend Ranu.
Actually Ashok & Ranu were two close friends.They share all their feelings with each other.They both are of same class & same tution.As their home were near by so they usually go to school & tution together.
So they were so close that if Ashok likes someone then he asks help from Ranu.But their friends were so mean that they always think negative about them.Can’t even a boy & a girl be friends ?
If a boy & a girl of same class are talking or roaming with each other it doesn’t mean that they both love each other.They may be freinds.But our society is not accepting this.
But they don’t care about these all.Once a friend asked them that if you both are friends then why don’t you tie rakhi on Raksha Bandhan.But seriously speaking i never thought about these all.She’s just a good friend of mine.That’s all.
Nothing other then that.I told about this to Ranu but she said,”If you have believe in our relationships then no need to worry about the society.”
I accepted her what she said.So i was not worried.
I still remember that 24th December.Actually Christmas was closer so it was a holiday.But our tution classes was there.At 10.00 A.M. our exam was there too.So i just woke up earlier and started preparing for my exam.
Then i just finished my daily works & had my breakfast then took out my cycle to go to tution.
She went earlier that day(she informed me before).So i didn’t wait for her & directly went to tution.Actually our tution was on first floor so we usually go there by climbing stairs.So i just kept my cycle & started climbing the stairs with checking the notes & discussing with my friends.
Suddenly i just saw someone walking down the stairs.My eyes stuck there.She was wearing a sky blue colour dress( i don’t know what to say that dress it was just like Anarkali type of dress ) & her open hair(she usually tie her hair so i always comment her as she’s looking like ADIVASI).She was just looking like an angel carrying a bag and saying me,”Hey, you stupid !!!!! Prepared for exam or not ? This time also zero ? “
Then i saw that she was Ranu.I was just simply staring at her.Oh god………..I was really speechless.Seriously i have no words to speak.
Ranu:-Hey u dumbo
Why are you staring at me as if  i am a ghost ?
Speak something. Are you dumb ?
Gone mad or what ?
Ashok:-No no
U u u u r r r r r ………….
h m m m m m ………….
Ranu:- I think you have really gone mad.
Go …………. you stupid.
All the best if you have prepared…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha (lol)
Then after she went to appear the exam.My friends pulled me & took me to the examination hall.I just forgot everything which i have prepared in the morning & when i was just trying to recall those the beautiful pic of the angel was just coming on my mind.So i just solved two or three problems & submitted my answer sheet & leaved to home.
She asked me to wait for her but i forgot .
I just went home , threw my bag & took my dairy & started writing about the scene.
At night abut 7.00 P.M. she just called me & started scolding me.
I have never felt uncomfortable while talking with her but that day i was feeling so shy that i can’t even explain you guys….
Ranu:-You stupid why didn’t you wait for me ?
Ashok:-Sorry i forgot.
Ranu:-Today morning what happened to you ?
You were behaving like a mad guy.
You were staring at me as if i am a ghost or something ?
Haven’t you seen me before ?
Ashok:-No nothing.
Ranu:-What nothing ?
Tell me what happened or else i won’t talk with you ?(This is a common dialouge of all girls.Sorry girls.)
Ashok:-No actually you were looking so beautiful that i became speechless at that time.
Ranu:-What’s the work just tell me ?
What i have to do ?
Maska mat laga……….
Ashok:-No i am telling truth seriously………
Ranu:-Is it a comment or complement ?
Ashok:- Complement.
No you are so beautiful………
Ranu:-I know that…..
Girls usually love to listen these type of complements.
ok leave it.How’s your exam ?
Ranu:-Fine ? You have submitted your answer sheet in just five minutes.
Ok let’s see.
Mine fine tooo….
Sheela’s here.She’s getting bore.So call you later.(Sheela’s our class mate)
Oh god i think i am in love with her hope so.I am so confused that i can’t even know that it’s just attraction or love.I just thought about this the whole night.I just told my friends about this.But you guys know very well that if you just tell your friends that ,that girl’s looking beautiful then they will make you feel as that you love her .
So guys please help me what to do now ? Because i don’t wanna loose her as she’s one of my best friend.She’s a part of my life.If i propose her and she rejects me that’s not a big deal but if she won’t talk with me then i’ll simply die.

Help Me

Hey hi Happy friendship Day….

Here i just thought of a story which is indirectly related to me.So i want to share with you guys.
It’s story of CHINTU & PINKY.
Chintu was a nice guy.Actually he was too innocent & shy type of guy.He has a friend named Silu.Pinky was living infront of Silu’s
house.So they were both closed & Silu was my close friend.We all were of same class & same school too.So mobile was newly launched at that time.So my dad bought
a mobile.I was crazy for ringtones.So i said Silu to send me ringtones but he said that he don’t have & said to ask Pinky.But i just feel so nervous while talking
with girls that i can’t even explain you guys.Silu,me & Pinky were in same section but i have never talked with her.So Silu introduced me with her.She just gave
me her number.Actualy at that time we were just friends & i never saw her in a negative way(means as a girl friend).First of all she just send me ringtones & same
here too.Then we came closer but only as a friend.So,in this way three months passed.But one day one of my friend proposed her & she agreed the proposal too.At
first i felt so happy.But as time passed i felt that as she’s going away from me.I don’t know why I just felt so jealous that even when she come to talk with me
i didn’t repy her.Atlast i just felt so worried that i said these all to Silu.He said me that i am in love with pinky.I was so astonished that i thought,”Am i
really in love ?”.Then he promised me to help me.Actualy in our school,evening coaching classes were going on.So only less no. of students come to attend the class.
I was an average student.But still then i just go to the coaching classes to meet her.I have three close friends Tarun,Sunil,Silu.So,they wrote a letter & wrote
that Pinky & Vicky(name of the guy whom she loves) love each other & to take some necessary steps to avoid that type of situation & kept that letter inside
the draw of the table.So,one of our teacher saw that letter & informed their home about these all.I didn’t knew about these all.But when i heard at first i felt so
happy but when i saw her face,i felt so bad that at last i realised that what my friends did was totally a wrong thing.So,the relation between Vicky & her was totaly
broke up.I felt so bad that decided to tell her all the things what we did.So,straightly i went near her & told that my friends did everything but didn’t said
about the reason & kept secret silu’s name.She asked me why did they did so.I remained silent & came from there.She called me about six or seven times but i did
not respond her.I just ignored her about two or three days.But truth never hides.One day i was sitting in Silu’s home.Suddenly she just came Silu’s home.Now i
can’t escape she sat beside me & asked me the reason.So,i don’t have any other option.So bound to say her everything.So,i just said each & everything.She simply got up & went her to home.I tried
to convience her but she didn’t listen.Since that day i am apologising but she’s not forgiving me.


Can good friends be lovers or not ??

It’s too difficult to say that good friends can be lovers or not.But according to me they can be lovers.Because before knowing each other they can’t be true lovers.
But now a days girl friend/boy friend is just a fashion.It’s not our fault.As we all are social animals,maximum things we learn from the society.So it’s the main
fault of the society.I am writing these all but i am the same too.But still then i love my girl friend a lot.
There’s a famous dialouge that:-


So,maximum guys first make friendship then they convert the friendship into true love(I am saying about the true lovers).So,by making friendship we can know each other
in a better way.They can know the hobbies,what they like and dislike,everything !!!

So love starts with friendship………..
Five famous opinions about friendship and love by famous persons:-