A Nightmare That I Never Want To Imagine!!!

I am at some place. I don’t know exactly where. It’s a strange place. It is all bright around me. A pin-drop silence persists; like the silence of the dawn before the sunrise; like the silence in the funeral of someone so it made too afraid. I was sure that something surely wrong is going to happen.  I feel very light as I walk on the path in front of me. I don’t know why I am here or where I need to go. Yet I am walking.

Though I have never been here before, I can feel a strong connection with this place…That scent! I know that scent! All of a sudden I saw someone in front of me. A girl! She is facing away from me. As I walk towards her the intensity of her perfume increases. Her hair was not tied. It felt like I know her.

I am a few steps away from her now. I was too curious to know who is that girl & what is she doing in this strange place & she is the only one who is going to explain me what is going on… I hear someone’s heartbeat. I am standing behind her and about to see her but before I can see her, she utters, ‘Chintu!’

And then she turns around to face me and leaves me in a shock. It’s her. It’s Mahi. I was totally astonished.

A cool breeze blows and everything around me glitters. I see her and she looks at me. All of sudden I don’t sense the ground beneath me. I am floating in the air. I am glued to her and not a single muscle in me moves. She keeps staring at me for long and we talk through our eyes. She speaks. I listen. She then rubs her hand on my cheek and says, ‘You always make me cry. .You’ll not understand me. .Never…U avoided me…abtak…U think I am happy without u…? If u think so then that’s all what u know about me…C…H…I…N…T…U… I can’t live without you but you don’t want me to stay in your life so bye…Be happy forever…’

And then tear came rolling down her eyes. I tried to wipe those tears.

But I still can’t move but a tear from the corner of my right eye rolls down, on to her hand & she kept that in a box. (I used to say her that i need her tear in a box so that i can keep that with me.) I want to speak but can’t. The light around both of us brightens up every second. It blurs my eyes. And all of sudden the intensity of the brightness blinds me in a flash. She is going away from me & it feels like as if someone’s hitting in your heart. I want to bring her back but I can’t even move nor speak. I am totally helpless. Instead of crying loud i can’t do anything.

Then I realized my mistake. She totally vanished from my eye sight. I can’t see her. Someone took my heart away from me. I can’t do anything instead of lying & crying there.

Then all sudden I woke up…Looked here & there…Oh it’s just a dream but not less than a nightmare…

I don’t want to see this nightmare in my real life so please I am sorry….


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