All say that corruption is curse for the society but they happily accept it or take the bribe. For a rich person it may not be a big deal but for an ordinary person, those who are pressurized or pressed by the society, who has to work daily to feed their children, effects more for them. As we know that government is not giving salary in time, as per declared that Govt. must give the salary to the employees in between 10th of each month but in some villages or small towns they are not giving them salary in time. So, i am asking you, how are they going to survive when they don’t get money in time? So, therefore they have no other option so obviously they have to borrow money from others to fullfill their requirements. So, for them, the day when they get salary in the office, they get their full salary but while coming home, they don’t have a single penny in their pocket. it’s not they are stealed by the thieves(may be) but i am not describing about that here. Actualy they are paying the money back from whom they have borrowed. So, that is the routine of an ordinary common man. So, for that reason thay don’t have any other option, they have to take bribe to survive. In this case i won’t blame them because it’s not their fault. Anna Hazare is protesting against corruption. Yes, i agree & support & salute him for what he
is doing & what he has done for the country. But first of all i want to say him, “SIR, First of all teach the politicians & the officers about the corruption.” Because, a normal person is pressurized by them & they can do nothing to stop them. I agree for that if an ordinary person can do anything if he wants. But this quote seems good in movies but not in real life. You might be thinking of that “WEDNESDAY” movie, where “Actor Naseer Udin Shah” kills those terrorists. But i want to know,” Is it possible that an ordinary 50 years old man can really hack the indian military system  who’s just a clerk in an small office????” Yes, it may be possible in the sense that where there is a will, there is a way. They can learn if they want to. But generally it is not possible in INDIA,  cannot say about other foreign countries. Here, no one’s interested in doing these all kind of activities.

So please suggest your opinion for this?????


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