Hi guys.

I am Durga.I just want to share my story with you guys.
Actually my father is being transfered from one place to another due to his office work.So i have to change my school,freinds,place.It’s too difficult to adjust in the new place,new friends,new school.
So i was studying in class 8th.It was my first day in the school.I was very much nervous because i have to adjust with new friends,new teachers etc.
Our shool time was at 10.30.I reached there at the same time.Our class teacher introduced me and gave me a sit.I looked around just saw that my colleauges were starring me like i am a ghost or something like that.Suddenly my eyes stuck some where I saw a girl looking at me with her small little eyes.Oh guys i have still remembered that cute little face with a dimple in her cheeks.It was wonderful.

I don’t know why but after that i just want to see her usually.I don’t know it was attraction or love.Hope it was love at first sight.Then we made friendship with each other.But every time when i want to tell her something about any topic she always opposes me.As i was a good student of my class so she was actually jealous of me(She told me).I love her eyes.When someone scolds her she always look at down and blink her eyes.Oh god i really love that………..
I love her smile.Her red lips were awesome.As i was not mature at that time.And i was so stupid that i have never said her that i like her so much.But time never stops for anyone.So already one year was finished.
Suddenly one day my dad said that we have to change the place.I was so shocked.I was so sad.Before i had left the place i thought i would tell her atleast that i like her.
But thanks to my bravery n my courage n my luck i couldn’t say anything to her.But one thing she gave me a gift which is still with me now.
Life passed.I forgot her and she forgot me hope so.But she was in my sweet memories as she was my first love.
And you guys very well know that it’s difficult to forget your first love.So same happen in my case.
So after 7 years hope so i am doing B.Tech.While roaming in the streets of Berhampur i just saw a girl walking through next side of the road.As i was roaming with my friends and we were just teen agers.So someone suddenly said”Hey,see there’s an item with salwar”.So i saw at that girl.I was shocked that the same eyes and same dimples in her cheeks.I was fond of that yaar.So just kicked that friend who said her item.And ran away after her.I was little bit scared that if she can’t remind me there infront of all my friends i’ll be so embaraced that i can’t even show my face to anyone.So not at this time so i went near her and said”Hey Sweety.Hi.”She said”Hi Chintu”.Oh god i felt so happy that she had still remembered me.I said,”Do you still remembered me?”She said “Yeah,why not ?”
Then i asked her number and address.I just called my old friend and he knew her too as  we were of same school.Luckily he was also in Berhampur.I just said him all about my story.He said me not to worry and let’s go to her house.We both went to her house.She introduced with her family members.And we have a chat there.Then we returned from there.Then the very next day i just sent a message her.
Me:- Hey hi…
What’s you doing ?
She:-Hi.Good morning.
And you ?
Me:- Good morning.
Just messaging you.
Just enjoyng with my lonliness.
She:-I won’t let you alone.
why ?
Not talking with your girl friend ?
May i know your girl friend’s name ?
(But unfortunately i don’t have any girl friend.)
Me:-Her name is Sweety.(The girl whom i am sending the message.)
She:-Oh really…
If this is the name.Just change her soon.
She’s not a nice girl.
Reject her.
Me:-No she’s a nice girl.I love her since 8th class. She cooks well.She’s simple,calm and quiet.I luv her eyes and the way she smiles.
First time when i saw her i was flat there.When she laughs ,the dimple in her sweet little cheek.
Oh god i love that.
She:-If u were loving me since 8th class then why didn’t u tell me at that time ?
Me:-We were not mature at that time.So i had not proposed you at that time.
She:-Oh really.I had the same feelings at that time.
Me:-Oh really ?
Me:-U know me very well and i know you.So today i want to propose you.
She:-So what are you waiting for ?
c’mon start soon…
Me:-I love you
She:-All are telling me the same dialouges.
Hey please tell me something different so that i would accept your proposal.
Me:-A man can live without any part of the body but can’t live without heart.So you are heart of mine.And i can’t live without you.
She:-Good dialouges.
To how many girls you have said this dialouge ?
Me:-No am starting with you.
She:-Don’t lie me. ok.
You are so cute.
Do you know that ?
I think all the girls of your college must be liking you.
Me:-Thanks for your complement but i know am not so cute.
She:-You may be not cute for others but you are always handsome and cute for me.
Ok.Ok.I accept your proposal.I love you too…….
Me:-Thanq Thanq.
It was a wonderful day of my life.
I can’t forget this day ever.
Thanx for being part of my life.
Love you & miss you always.
She:-Same here too.
Love you.
AM waiting for your call.
Me:-Ok i’ll.
She:-Am waiting…..

So,this is my love story.Guys,one thing i want to say that i messaged her n propsed her.But still then i have no courage to tell”I LOVE YOU” while talking with her in mobile.
So please help me what to do ?
Thanks for your patience to read my story.


35 thoughts on “A SWEET LOVE STORY………………..

  1. ki story be….padhila pare akhiru luha gadi padila….aau mu b bhabhuchi kaha ku gote bhala pai bi..great love & now i m starting crying(khusi ki assu)…..wah wah wah..what a love….
    ek sayari hojaye…
    “agar hum kisi chij ko pura dil se chahe to puri kayanat ushay pura karneke koshish me lag jata hai”


  2. Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! in ur case your grl frnd needs a straigt forward boy …..u should be little bit brave to say her ur feelings …….and honestly she would accept ur proposal …………..so be brave one so,,,

    ………….BEST OF LUCK…………


  3. i think she is a nice girl & fnds true love so u should encourage urself to say her ur feelings …….and honestly she would accept ur proposal …………..so




  4. hmmmmmm
    i won’t take it as a story rather as an incident..
    and it is well narrated ….
    i would tell that it’s simply superb and fantabulous
    after all inspired by c-va-g

    by d way..it’s also true ki u cannot confess a girl directly but by sms or letter u can definitely do that….
    so just go ahead irrespective of any thoughts…. ok


  5. really it’s tauch to my heart.i don’t why i am very much like others love story.so u need the comment,in my opinion tumhara dil jo kehta he bo hi karo.


  6. hiii chote don,u r a realy don bcz whats knowledge u have ,i m appriciating on u? it is small example of ur knowledge.good good continue it ,u should shear some idea infront of ur frendssssss,u r a rock of ece branch


  7. hey man really u have true love for her.so dont hesitate to express that.u neednt worry at all abt the consequences.if u dont u ll always regret in life”i cud have”.so juz go on and confidently express ur self.


  8. Ya u should first bsend ur message of love through a friend, And make her to interrogate u herself. But this is not safe because others may add a more than u think and make it worse. So it always advisable in these cases tha to approach by yourself. Because if u don’t tell her ” I LOVE U” then also she is not yours. So, what’s the harm in saying her.

    Be BRAVE.


  9. friend…ur story was truly an anawesome one..the essence of love can be felt in that…u wer in love with her at that instant of time wen u saw her for the first time…every moment that u spent wid her consisted of intense emotions for her…i felt it…from the very beginning u wer in love…

    n u did a very appreciable job by kicking ur friend who called her item..

    i wud say u 1 thng…

    u plzzzz don even thnk of proposing her in mob…

    hey mann….she is so special for u…..isnt it…

    u love her eyes…sooooooo much..

    wont u like to see her eyes closely wen u propose her..

    wont u her feelings for u…wen u propose her..

    jus go to her mann..n propose her…
    jus plan a day…make it very special for u….n her also…stay with her…for sumtime…spent sum beautiful moments with her..n then simply hold her hand with lovw n warmth…
    jus look into her eyes…deep into her eyes n say that..

    u wanna stay with her for evr..
    u wanna care for her forevr…
    u wanna protect her forevr…
    u jus wanna b a part of every moment of her life n make it special everytime…
    jus say her dat u cannot live with out her…life wud b so diffrent n dull widout her…

    n then say that u love her….nthen wait for her reaction….

    m thankful to u to gimme such a chance to read such a beautiful story


  10. hi, u r love is so interesting yar ……….
    there is no need of telling i love u in mobile if u really like her haertly.if u marry her then i will teach u how to say i love u in mobile


  11. abe is it a real love story,it seems that u are very excited.ur feelings has been provoked too much.i think u should talk to her parents,get marry and give us a big party.
    tu to bada dil fake nikla be.kya kya kar raha hai hamen pataa hi nahi hai.ok all the best carry on and get success.
    ya really it was a good story.






  13. wow………
    I m really astonished by reading ur love story…
    while reading tht I was anxiously waiting fr wht’ll b d next line??
    wht’ll b next word???
    wht’ll b next sentense????
    like tht…..
    bt didn’t found wht I was waiting fr,,,,,
    wht r u waiting fr?
    come on,,
    wake up friend!!!
    wake up..
    ur love is waiting fr u,
    she needs u..
    just go n without thinking nething propose her….
    atlast bt nt d least I can say tht
    “u n ur love are so lucky….
    I can say,u r much lucky thn her..
    don’t waste ur time
    go n propose her
    otherwise she may be someone’selse
    which will b very tragicone fr both of u
    plz plz plz
    go n propose her…..
    all d best!!!
    best of luck……..
    God bless u,,,


  14. Feelings should be shared otherwise they die out….
    there may be a chance dat she will dump u,so hurry up.
    jab bolne ka dum nahi hai toh pyar karne ka koi matlab nahi banta!!!!
    waise kafi masala dala gaya hai….
    dil pe haath rakhe bol is main jo jo bola gaya hai usme kitna % dikhava(fakeness) hai???


  15. Oh.durga.its superb…….
    Man belive i just became stik while reading……
    Is it u r real story or u is it a dream……..
    A cute story……


  16. really super story yaar i think this is your own dreem of your life …….. hurry up & enjoy the loveble life dost i wish u very much for your sucsessfull life………..


  17. rokin story dude………..
    waise i hate luv stories.but apki love experience ke bad i m just impressed nd i truly wnt dat u both would lead a lovely life nd be love birds
    but 4 dat u hv 2 do face sme hurdles
    just propose her dat way dat she would agree 4 marraige.
    dnt worry my best wishes r wid u
    may god bless both of u.
    bye nd all d best……


  18. its realy gr8 . me ek chiz zarur kehena chahungi. aap apne feelings ko bohot ache tarike se exprees kar pate hai. ye quality sab me nahin hoti. aapka writing skill or aapke thoughts is just gr8.


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